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In my years of recording music off the radio, I almost always was able to get the name of the song and the artist written down, so I would know what was on my tapes.

However, there were songs that either I missed hearing what was said about the song, or some songs were played where the announcer simply did not identify the title or artist. All of these are songs that I enjoy, but I would enjoy them more if I knew this additional information.

Here is how you can help! Take a listen to these songs, and if you can provide corrected information (the correct title, the correct artist name, the year it was released, and the album from which it came), send me a note via the Contact Page. Just identify the letter of the song, and give me your thoughts.

I wish I could make this a contest, and offer a prize for the most answers or something. All I can offer is my sincerest thanks!

[ Songs that are in blue have been identified[/embed]

a. Pray For Those by Pam Mark Hall, from Flying, 1976

b. You Can’t Get To Heaven By Livin’ Like Hell by The Christian Grit Street Band (which year? which album?)

c. Let It Be Free by John Fischer, from The New Covenant (A Musical), 1974

d. All Alone by Parable, from More Than Words, 1975

e. Gospel Changes by The Wedgewood, from Dove, 1973

f. Listen To Your Heart by One Truth, 1976, from the album One Truth

g. Glory And Honor by Becky Ugartechea, from House Between Two Rivers, 1976

h. The Way It’s Always Been by unknown

i. A Love Story by unknown

j. The Wedding by Mike Johnson, from The Artist/The Riddle, 1976

k. If His Light Doesn’t Shine by Tom Autry, from Tom Autry, 1975

l. It Took A Long Time (For The First Time In My Life) by Bob Crewe, from Motivation, 1977

m. I Just Want To Thank You by unknown

n. Castle In The Air by unknown

o. Yahweh by The Archers? Not certain about title or artist here. Sometime during or before 1977.

p. Born Again (?) by unknown

q. You Got The Power by Walt Mills, from Sincerely, Walt Mills, 1975

r. Same Sweet Song by Pat Terry, from Pat Terry, 1974

s. Peter, James & John by Parable, from More Than Words, 1977

t. It Took A Carpenter (To Tear Down My Walls), by Sonlight Orchestra, from Sometimes Alleluia, 1976

u. Ocean Blue by Children Of The Light, from Come On In, 1977

v. When I Think About Heaven by Ernie Retino & Debbie Kerner, from Changin’ 1978

w. Crucify Him by Lilly Green, from I Am Blessed, 1979

x. Look How Far You’ve Come by Jamie Owens Collins, from Straight Ahead, 1980

y. Somewhere It’s Snowing by David Stearman, from Together Forever, 1982

z. Stop This Haulin’ Water by Cynthia Clawson, from Finest Hour, 1982

aa. God Will Provide A Way by Mickey & Becki Moore, from Mickey & Becki Moore, 1984

bb. Majesty by Truth, from Keeper Of My Heart, 1982

cc. Healer by unknown

dd. Bring It To Jesus by Lauren Lavore??

ee. To The Other Side by Leon Patillo?

ff. The Perfect Prayer by Scott Roley, from Brother To Brother, 1987.

gg. Soon And Very Soon by unknown

hh. All I Wanna Do by Trace Balin, from Champions, 1988

ii. Yes by unknown

jj. Forever Stay by Matthew Ward, from Point Of View, 1992

kk. Forever Friends by Jon Gibson, from Forever Friends, 1988

ll. I Will Bless The Lord by Laurie Boone Browning, from Prayers & Promises, circa 1988-90

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  1. The song “I Will Bless The Lord” by Laurie Boone Browning was recorded in Kansas City approximately in 1988-90 and the Album was called “Prayers and Promises” and it was only avaliable on cassette and I don’t think it is available anywhere. My wife and I were personal friends of Laurie’s during her time here in Kansas City.
    Michael Lazio

  2. i believe my friends mark and brenda mcgee sang backup on the laurie boone browning recordings made in kansas city.
    i keep up with brenda who lives in west monroe, louisiana now.

  3. Hello, I am trying to locate two older Christian Songs one of them is called “Father Forgive Them” from the 1970’s and the other is an Artist named Ray Hildebrant Hopefully someone can help. Thank you, Mark

  4. Amy, thanks for the hint about God Will Provide A Way. It is Mickey & Becki Moore, but the album is Mickey & Becki Moore from 1984 (found the album and it’s song list on CDBaby). Appreciate the help!

  5. Truth does indeed appear to be the group that did this song. Any guesses on which album it is from, or what year it was released? (I know it has to be 1987 or before, because that’s when I recorded it from the radio).

  6. Carry The Water To The Desert by unknown
    This song was sang by Reba Rambo in the late 80’s I used to do this song on stage
    It is actually namers “Stop hauling water to the sea”

  7. Soon And Very Soon by unknown

    This was done by Andre and the Disciples in the 70’s but this is not the group here

  8. The Reba Rambo hint helped me find this. I’m reasonably sure the version of Stop This Haulin’ Water played here is the one by Cynthia Clawson.

  9. bb. Majesty by Truth, from Keeper of My Heart. One of my favorite albums.

    And yes, Stop This Haulin Water is defintely Cynthia Clawson.

  10. dd. Cynthia Clawson and Paul Smith did this originally on Immortal. This doesn’t sound like the original but I’m not sure.

  11. Hello again Steven!

    Song “x” is “Look How Far You’ve Come” from Jamie Owens-Collins 1980 album “Straight Ahead.” (I have the record)

  12. This is way too cool… I have been looking for “Stop this Hauling Water” (thinking too it was under “water to the desert”)… cool to find it.

  13. d Larry B – the “Love Song” is NOT Andy Williams singing, and the words are not the same as the original Love Song that Andy Williams did. The melody is the same, and it was written to simulate the song, to be a parody, so to speak, but the words are VERY different. Thanks anyway!

    Crucify Him by Lilly Green – most likely correct. Thanks!

  14. Hey:
    The song “Same Sweet Song” was on Pat Terry’s FIRST album, released 1 January 1974 on an independent label (#MLSP3655). The album was called simply Pat Terry, though it included the other 2 members of what later was known as The Pat Terry Group: Randy Bugg and Sonny Lallerstedt. I think Terry really liked the song; he sang it in most of the PTG concerts. If you go to the website and search for Pat Terry group, you can get the complete discography list for all his Christian musc from the mid 70s to the mid 80s when he recorded for Myrrh Records (division of Word Records). Terry also has a website (google it). He is still writing music in Nashville, though not exclusively Christian music.

    I loved PTG when I was I high school student through college during that time period. One of my Young Life leaders was friends with Randy Bugg, and she introduced me to the music. She had a copy of that first independent album, and that’s how I remembered it. Just had to hunt to get the details I gave you; my memory’s not THAT good!

  15. Wow! I remember a lot of these songs. Thanks so much for posting ‘God Will Provide A Way’ by Mickey & Becki Moore. I taped that song off the radio many years ago and have been looking for it ever since. It was great to not only hear it again, but to finally know who sings it. Here’s another one for your list. The song ff is not entitled ‘Not My Will But Thine Be Done’. It is called ‘The Perfect Prayer’. It was written by Scott Roley and Michael Card and is on the album ‘Brother To Brother’ (1987) by Scott Roley. Thanks again!

  16. Thank-you so much for this information! I’ve been looking for “Somewhere It’s Snowing” for the past 5 and a half years since my Dad passed away!

  17. That second song, “you can’t get to heaven by living like hell” is Gary s Paxton, probably from his first album.

  18. Certainly he is singing on (and likely produced) this track, but at the end, Larry Black specifically identifies the group as The Christian Grit Street Band. My question is what year, what album (was there an album?), etc.

  19. Greetings, Great site. The third song (c.) is called “Let It Be Free” from John Fischer’s 1974 album “The New Covenant (A Musical)”

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