In the past several posts I’ve discussed the longing for heaven, for the peace and joy associated with that time, when I see Christ face to face, and reunited with those who have gone before me. And I also discussed the fact that exactly what heaven will be like is so mysterious to me. There is simply no way to know ahead of time.

Like me, everyone has questions about what heaven will be like. Amazingly, a song that I’ve heard by a new artist, Rachel Scott, looks at this. Especially notice that she asks whether we will even remember our life on earth. Since God wipes away every tear from our eyes, will it be possible to remember events on earth, especially if those events are perhaps unpleasant to remember? 1 Corinthians 13:12 tells us, “Now I know in part; then I shall know fully, even as I am fully known.” How do we reconcile “knowing fully” when some of what we know is even painful when we don’t fully know?

From Rachel Scott’s album Resolution, here is I Wonder. This is a live recording from a concert she did here in Omaha.

I wonder how the waves roll in
Is the face of God behind the wind?
Tell me, why do children like to spin?
These things I think I might ask Him 

I wonder where and how and why?
I wonder if the angels fly
I’m curious to know if I have spied
An angel on this side of life

I wonder, I wonder, I wonder

I wonder when I’m on the other side;
Will my husband know me as his bride?
Will we remember the moments of our lives
When we see the face of Christ?

Will I ever say “remember when”?
Will we even know where we have been?
All the memories and way back thens,
Will we reminisce in heaven?

I know he’ll wipe away my tears
In the light of God I will have no fear
In Glory it will all be clear
Will I even care to know of here?

Wonder if I’ll care
Wonder if I’ll care
Wonder if I’ll care …
If I’ll care to know?


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