Lepers At A Village Leprosarium In China -- Photo credit, PicApp
Lepers At A Village Leprosarium In China — Photo credit, PicApp

In chronological order, the next story that Don Francisco told in song is from Matthew 8:1-4. It tells the story of a healing by Jesus given to a leper. The story is brief and to the point. Francisco in this song takes the license to tell about the man, and what his life was like before he encountered Jesus.

It is not possible to tell for certain whether the man was truly afflicted with Hansen’s Disease, caused by Mycobacterium leprae, the disease that is called leprosy by doctors in the current age, or whether this statement refers to some other type of chronic skin condition. Regardless, because of his problem he was treated by the Jews as the Law of Moses commanded: He would have been excluded from participation in the life of worship of Yahweh in the temple in Jerusalem, and would have been ostracized by all around him. The original purpose of the isolation that was commanded was to prevent it from spreading to others in the community. The outcome of the isolation, however, was to create a situation that resulted in loneliness, depression, and despair.

Jesus absolutely breaks all of the Jewish laws about leprosy by not only talking to the man, but by actually touching him. And then He does what the man hoped most for, which was to remove his disease completely. The final part of the recovery would be to have the priests agree that he was cleansed, thus removing his stigma and isolation.

We do not come in contact much with the disease leprosy in the United States. But we do have many people who are socially isolated for various reasons. Maybe they have a facial deformity, a rash, or something else that makes them physically unattractive or even repulsive. Perhaps their behavior is such that they are unpleasant to be around. Perhaps their profession is one that repels others (working on a hog farm can result in some strong odors). Sometimes it is just because they are different from me. Any of those people can have the consequences of years of being rejected by others, and bear rejection’s scars. The miracle that they need to know is that Jesus loves even them, without regard to how beautiful or cool they are. And Jesus, acting through us, wants to touch them with His love.

Don Francisco tells this story in his song Willing To Heal, as heard on his 1987 album The Power. As before, the audio Bible version used here is the 2002 dramatized NIV Audio Bible by Zondervan Publishing, read by Steven Johnston.

Turned from my family, turned from my home
I lived like a beggar, I wandered and roamed
My life was just hopeless, till I heard His name
A prophet, they said, healed the sick and the lame

Well to find Him was easy, I followed the crowd
But I kept to the edges, crying out loud
“Unclean, unclean, stay out of my path
I’m an object of scorn, I’m a vessel of wrath!”

There on the hillside, He taught us that day
I’d never heard anyone say what He’d say
And then He was done and His sermon complete
And I ran, and threw myself down at His feet

I said, “Lord if You’re willing, I know that You can
Make me as clean as a natural man.
I know You can do it, deep down in my soul;
Oh Lord, if You’re willing, Lord, please make me whole!”

With a voice of compassion, He told me to stand
“I’m willing,” He said, then He reached out His hand
“Be cleansed,” were the words that He spoke with a smile
And in an instant my skin was like that of a child

Now as time passes by, there is much we forget
But I’ll always remember the day that I met
Jesus the Lord and His first words to me
“I’m willing,” He said, and He healed even me !

I’m willing to help you, I’m willing to heal
I’ve borne all your sufferings, I know how you feel
Your pain can be ended, my power is real
I will not deny you, I’m willing to heal

I’m willing to help you, I’m willing to heal
I’ve borne all your sufferings, I know how you feel
Your pain can be ended, my power is real
I will not deny you, I’m willing to heal

I will not deny you, I’m willing to heal

The Power, Don Francisco, 1987 You can purchase this music        

from the artist’s web site here.

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  1. This is awesome!! Being on one accord in the spirit is an awesome blessing.(That’s when you know that you know it is GOD). Before I read this article of Leprosy, I was reading about it and what it was on line. I was also praying for those in Africa, who we are going to visit and minister to and you wrote about this. I really needed to hear this. God is so GOOD! Now I have a comfort and more of peace especially of not knowing, but yet I know God is going before us. Everything is written in the Word of God no matter what we are going through. Truly you have blessed my heart. I surrender all to HIM completely with no fear.

    God bless you (You are highly favored)

    Thank you for hearing HIs voice (HE knew I needed to hear and read the word regarding this.


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