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I have found something else in my collection that I feel is worth sharing with those who are enjoying this web site. Back in 1998, on 101.9 KGBI-FM in Omaha, a special airing occurred around Independence Day (I believe). They played a special program, The History of Christian Music, compiled by CCM Magazine (originally titled Contemporary Christian Music) and hosted by radio announcer Jon Rivers. Rivers had been in radio for a long time (I remember hearing him do a program called Powerline back when I was in high school, playing popular rock music, and doing commentary on it), and had been doing 20: The Countdown Magazine for the Christian radio market for many years. His was a recognizable voice to put to this project of summarizing Christian pop music from its beginnings to the present day.

I was able to record most of this program when it aired, but the recording does have, unfortunately, a couple of holes in it. There is a gap between what I have labeled as parts 8 and 9, in which the events of the year 1984 (and possibly some of 1983 and 1985 around it) are missing. Also, the final hour of the History is missing, in which different artists were going to give their impressions as to what the future would bring in Christian music. I believe I have that around here somewhere, and if I ever do turn it up, I’ll include it here.

You can find these files in the Download part of this web site, under the section called “History”. I did try sending e-mail both to the CCM Magazine web site as well as to Jon Rivers, asking if either knew who owned the rights to this radio production, and whether or not I could post it. I have never received a reply about this. As with the other files in the Download part of this site, if it is determined that these files are inappropriate to post here, I will gladly remove them. The series is so interesting to hear, that I just didn’t feel I should keep it to myself.

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  1. I’ve been trying to find Jon River’s Powerline show. I want to play it on my station.

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