JM-03, JM-04, and JM-05

Three new tapes are now available for download from my JM collection. JM-03, from Nov-Dec 1976, has more of the Scott Ross Show, hosted by Larry Black, and my first introduction to KYMS 106.3 FM in Santa Ana, California. Music includes One Truth, Phil Keaggy, Dogwood, Pat Terry Group, Dove, Parable, and Armageddon Experience. JM-04, from Dec 1976, is almost entirely taken from KYMS 106.3 FM in Santa Ana, California, with a little Larry Black thrown in. Includes music by Gary S. Paxton, Children Of The Day, Wedgewood, Bob Cull, Daniel Amos, Becky Ugartechea, Ron Salsbury & The JC Power Outlet, and more. And finally, JM-05, from Dec-Jan 1977, has more from KYMS 106.3 FM in Santa Ana, California, and a little Larry Black. Includes music by Lydell Feist, Barry McGuire, Pat Boone, Phoenix Sunshine, Chuck Girard, Seth, John Fischer, Agape Force, Lamb, and more.

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  1. I am thoroughly enjoying the JM “Tapes” It is like finding a goldmine. I got saved in 1972. Our radio station played some of these but many of the cuts I knew the artist but hadn’t heard much by them. I had a few compilation albums which introduced me to many of these artists. Thanks for the music and the great website. Jesus bless you.

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