Real Reality

The phenomenon of “Reality” TV is the big thing on the networks these days. From “Survivor” to “Big Brother” to “The Amazing Race”, we are fascinated with watching these people successfully move from challenge to challenge. We watch them, compare ourselves to them, watch the scheming and pushing and clawing to the top.

There’s nothing that is truly “real” about TV, whether it is the tried and true sitcom, or a so-called reality show. Perhaps reality TV is less scripted than an episode of “Seinfeld” or “C.S.I.”, but we still see people who look better than we do, and who perform in events the way we wish we could. And sometimes we can smugly look and say to ourselves, “I can do better than that!”

Sean and Julie Swanson put out an album in 2004 called Real. The first song on the disk, Channel Nine, gives their spin on reality TV. Listen to this catchy tune and hear what they have to say about the topic. Especially note the lines that point out that “there’s a battle for your heart and mind“. Don’t let your view of truth be determined by what you see on the television. Life is rarely that simple or cut and dried!

Channel Nine
Channel Nine 

A glamorous location
And some more beautiful people
Locked up on an island, or a house, or in a palace
The last one left standing
Gets a big check and goes on Jay Leno
Twenty million viewers can’t be wrong

Julia and David are gonna get married
They’ve had two dates and they’re really quite sure
A ballroom gown and tuxedo
They’re riding in a limo
Perhaps a million dollars made their motives impure

When the camera’s off and the lights go down
And there’s no one watching all over town
“Reality” becomes true reality
There’s so much more that we need to know
Than what we see on a TV show
There’s a plan for your life
And a battle for your heart and mind
Channel Nine

Soo Li and Devon
Got voted off the island
They couldn’t pass the test
So they left in week five
Everyone is watching
They’re drinking it all in
Learning only winners get their name in lights


Real, Sean & Julie Swanson 2004

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  1. These different blogs bring to my heart and mind the song by MercyMe, I Can Only Imagine what it will be like when I walk by your side, I can only imagine what my eyes will see when YOUR face is before me. This describes gloriousness our of GOD. But, it brings peace to my soul and hope and joy of HIS coming. Meditating on HIS goodness and righteous.

    Wonderful memories of the good times of the past as a child and appreciating it now with the warmth in your heart sharing the spiritual aspects of those memories. Brings warmth and comfort to my soul.

    Please continue to share.


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