Back in this post, I made mention that for some reason, Jesus was best recognized by his disciples not by the shape of His face, or even by His voice, but rather that he was known by his scars, those on His hands and feet. It was very important to God the Father that the marks of Jesus’ suffering and sacrifice would be the means by which He would be best identified.

Picture credit--William Hole

However, this little detail was not known to the disciples of Jesus in those first few days after his death on the cross. When Jesus began to make known that He was indeed alive, He did not chose to announce His resurrection from the dead to the world at large. Instead, He focused on those friends of His. And He did not use His credentials of the scars as His calling card each time. On Easter morning, Mary the mother of James and Mary Magdalene went to the tomb, and had an angel tell them that Jesus was risen. Mary Magdalene stayed behind, and did not recognize Him until He spoke her name to her. In a later appearance to Peter, Jesus was recognized in the large catch of fish they had at His command, a reminder of how He had first met them.

And in today’s story, from Luke 24:13-40, it tells how Jesus encountered two of His followers who had to travel to a nearby town. While they were walking there, they talked about what had happened to Jesus, and during the conversation, Jesus came and joined them in their walk, and yet they somehow did not recognize Him. It was not until he broke bread with them that His identity was revealed to them.

Today’s song by Don Francisco, the last in the series of stories of Jesus, tells of that meeting on the road. It is the title song from the 1981 album The Traveler. Be ready yourself for Jesus to appear to you in the meetings that you have each day with people that you come across, and when you do, serve them as you would serve Jesus Himself!

The day dawned in confusion, like a nightmare with no end
Tired and dreary colors, ragged hopes that wouldn’t mend
The grief and fear of death just seemed to hang across the sky
And the pain just kept on burning, though the tears had all been cried

We were talking, as we journeyed toward a quiet country town
When another traveler asked us why we seemed so sad and down
It was like a dam had burst inside as I spoke my grief and woe
Amazed that someone leaving there could somehow still not know

But the Traveler called us foolish men, and dull and slow of heart
Then He showed us from the Scriptures, God had planned it from the start
But it wasn’t till the evening, that our eyes were opened there
And we knew that it was Jesus, but He vanished in the air!

We rushed back to Jerusalem to tell the others there
They said, “Peter’s seen Him too!” There was excitement everywhere
Nearly shouting to each other, as the realization grew
When all at once He spoke to us, “Peace be unto you.”

We started back in terror, for His radiance filled the place
The light was all around him, and was shining from His face
Then He smiled a smile of love that left no cause for doubt
And then because He knew our hearts He spoke our feelings out

“Why are you so troubled? Why are you in fear?
See my hands and see my feet; I myself am here
Reach out now and handle me, until you’ve all been shown
My life is more than spirit, for I’m here in flesh and bone.”

Some lifted hands toward heaven and then knelt without a sound
Some just stood and stared at Him as if rooted to the ground
But I could not contain the joy that flooded heart and soul
It came rushing out in praises I had no wish to control!

Joy! Joy! Joy! Joy!
Joy! Joy! Joy! Joy!

Jesus is the Lord of all!
Jesus is the Lord of all!
Jesus is the Lord of all!
We have been redeemed!


The Traveler, Don Francisco, 1981 You can purchase this music  from the artist’s web site here.

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