More Larry Black Show episodes available

Larry Black Show logoFor those readers (such as Dennis Oliver who posted a comment) who have been wanting more of The Larry Black Show, I’ve put three more shows in the Download section. From approximately 1984 and 1985 you can now listen to episodes #354, #407, and #409, with music from the likes of ELO, David & The Giants, Johnny Rivers, Barry McGuire, Phil Keaggy, Latinos, Asia, Michael W. Smith, Harry Chapin, Mark Heard, Phil Driscoll, Cindi Lauper (?!), Gary S. Paxton, Petra, Russ Taff, Dion Demucci, Bruce Springsteen, Darrell Mansfield, Whiteheart, Scott Wesley Brown, Wayne Watson, The Songwriters, Jimmy Buffett, Philip Sandifer, Edin-Ådahl, Willie Nelson, Huey Lewis, Kenny Rogers, and Terry Clark. And of course, Larry Black’s commentary throughout each hour-long program!

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