Even more Larry Black Shows

Larry Black Show logoThe final uploads of my remaining copies of The Larry Black Show have been put in the Download section. I have added three more copies directly from vinyl disks as they were sent to radio stations, specifically programs #412, #413, and #414. The information about artists on each program are listed with the description on each download.

I also have added four additional Larry Black Show programs, episode numbers unavailable, that I found on an old reel-to-reel tape. I have established that these programs aired in 1981, between May and probably late summer. These are non-stereo recordings, and at least one does not begin directly with the beginning of the program.

One of them I have determined was aired on 5/24/81, the day before Memorial Day 1981, but that program is apparently a replay of one from October 1980; I conclude this because on the show he speaks of a delay in printing of the the LBS Magazine “until November, possibly not until after the start of the new year”.

Another episode, which I have chosen to date as 7/12/81, is clearly from mid-summer of 1981, not before Independence Day, but not close enough to Labor Day to mention it.

The other two episodes I am not able to pin down an air date any closer than “mid-1981” and “summer 1981”.

These are what the ReelRadio.com web site would call “unscoped”; that is, they contain the full versions of the songs that were played, as well as commercials, station ID announcements, weather forecasts, etc. I believe what I did was to have a lamp timer set to turn the recorder on and off at the appropriate times, which is why the show start is not more accurate (a lamp timer does not work like a VCR timer). Some of these episodes ran from 6:30-7:30 am on Sunday mornings on WOW; one of them is during the 9 o’clock hour.

Until such time as I am able to come across any more vinyl disks of the show (got one from eBay last year), this is my full collection of complete Larry Black programs. Enjoy!

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