Downloads Fixed

I was notified that the Downloads page was not working, and to my disappointment I found that I simply could not get the WordPress plugin I was using to function again. So, I’ve put a different plugin in place, and have all of the download files available again.

To celebrate the resumption of a functioning Downloads section, I have added three new JM tapes:

JM-13 : Nov-Dec 1977
From late 1977, this tape contained music taped from WOW 590 AM in Omaha, NE, from The Larry Black Show and Reality. At the end there are a few tracks from KYMS 106.3 FM in Santa Ana, CA. Music includes songs by the Phil Keaggy Band, Reba Rambo, Keith Green, Love Song, Terry Talbot, David Meece, Gary S. Paxton, Barry McGuire, Chuck Girard, Tremaine Davis, Chris Christian, Sandi Campi, Tom Howard, and more.
JM-14 : Dec 1977
Back in California, from KYMS 106.3 FM, this tape has tracks by Randy Stonehill, The Archers, Keith Green, Gary S. Paxton, Daniel Amos, The Imperials, Jamie Owens, Danniebelle Hall, Bob Ayala, Pat Terry Group, Seawind, Pete Carlson, Andrae Crouch & The Disciples, Becky Ugartechea, Evie, David Meece, Sammy Hall, Candle, Bruce Hibbard, Erick Nelson, and more.
JM-15 : Jan-Feb 1978
Starting with music from KYMS 106.3 FM in Santa Ana, CA, and ending up back in Omaha with WOW 590 AM and music from The Larry Black Show and Reality, this tape has music by Walt Mills, Terry Ross Altman, Annie Herring, Paul Clark, Phil McHugh, Scott Wesley Brown, Erick Nelson, Michael Omartian, Sweet Comfort Band, Bruce Hibbard, Chuck Girard, Barry McGuire, Don Francisco, Jamie Owens, Bill & Gloria Gaither, Randy Matthews, Andrae Crouch & The Disciples, Jessie Dixon, Honeytree, David Meece, and more.


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