JM-02 Uploaded

Here is another of the tapes I recorded from the radio. This one is JM-02, recorded in June 1976, again recorded from WOW 590 AM, from The Scott Ross Show. Guest host John Tomzack starts the tape, with one appearance by Scott Ross, and then Larry Black has taken over by the end of the tape. Many Jesus music artists are on this tape, including Andrae Crouch, Larry Norman, The Archers, Chuck Girard, Jamie Owens, Gary S. Paxton, Honeytree, Randy Stonehill, and The All Saved Freak Band.

One response to “JM-02 Uploaded”

  1. Greetings from Germany.
    Very good Mix of Jesus Music/CCM of the 70s
    I love this historic sound 🙂

    God bless You .


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