In 1980, my parents moved from California back to South Bend, Indiana. On holidays now I was able to drive home to visit, instead of flying. And in my search through the radio dial for a Christian radio station, I discovered Jesus music playing on WHME, 103.1 FM.

WHME was started in 1968 under the ownership of the Lester Sumrall Evangelistic Association, as a means of helping further the spread of the gospel through mass media. By 1980, WHME was making a good amount of its broadcast time available for playing a mix of Jesus music as I would have heard on KYMS, and some of the more contemporary southern gospel songs of the day.

As I listened to WHME, I found that they had a good selection of music, and enjoyable announcers. Here is an aircheck from 1981 and 1982, including announcements by Chris Greenie:

By 1983, WHME was also airing the same professionally recorded jingles that I heard on KCRO in Omaha. Instead of promoting “Your Regional Gospel Station, KCRO”, these jingles had the same music but proclaimed “The Light of Michiana, WHME”. (“Michiana” refers to the Michigan/Indiana area):

By the latter part of the 1980s, WHME was using these same jingles to call itself “Your positive alternative, WHME-FM”, as well as “Harvest 103.1 FM”:

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