Steven on April 10th, 2009

The story of the crucifixion of Christ is central to Christianity. Jesus was much more than a “wise teacher”, or perfect example of a “holy life”. The fall of Adam was huge. It was not just a silly story involving an apple; it was the pivotal event on which hinged the entire future and destiny […]

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Steven on April 5th, 2009

Today’s post is another story song by Don Francisco, this time taken from John 9:1-38. In this long passage, Francisco again tells one of the Gospel stories from the point of view of the person who received a healing through the hands of Jesus. The man, blind from birth, does not go out of his […]

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Steven on March 29th, 2009

Today’s story as told by Don Francisco in song is from Matthew 14:22-33, and is one of the most famous of the miracles of Jesus. Even those who don’t know about Jesus will have heard something about “walking on the water”. Again, the story is told from the point of view of one of its participants, […]

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Steven on March 22nd, 2009

Any parent who has had a child who was gravely ill will tell you how very difficult it is to handle. There is a major feeling of helplessness to have a child that is sick, and who begs you to make him or her better. It is bad enough to have this happen if you […]

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