The Name

Imagine being there at work, doing what you do every day. Same old routine as always, same people, same activities.

And then someone comes up, and tells you to follow him. You’ve never met this person before … and yet, not only do you decide to do what he said, but you leave your job behind.

What kind of crazy is this? You left behind your only means of income, and followed someone just because he asked you?? What kind of person does it take to motivate you to leave it all behind and follow him?

In Matthew 4:19, Jesus does just this with Peter and his brother Andrew. And from this passage, there is no statement about hesitation or second thoughts on the part of these two men. It says that “At once they left their nets and followed him.” (Matthew 4:20)

Why did they do this? Was it because they didn’t really like the fishing anyway, and this sounded like a better deal? Or was it because of the person who asked them. Was there just something about him?

BIll & Gloria Gaither released a classic album in 1973 called Alleluia!: A Praise Gathering For Believers. This track, There’s Something About That Name, tells about Jesus, and his profound influence on several people whose stories are told in the Bible. It is just an introduction to the way in which Jesus has affected millions over the ages and also today.

Jesus Christ, the Son of God
Became a man, like us.
He walked the hills
Went to the cities
Walked the seashores

He met people where they were
And one by one, he changed their lives.

“My brother and I are fishermen
We don’t know a lot about politics or religion
We just know a lot about fishing.
First time I ever heard His name
My brother came down and said
‘You just have to meet this man’
So I went. So I met him.
He looked at me and said
‘Come on along. Come on with me.’
There’s just something about him.
Just … there’s just something about him.
We just gave it all up
Gave up the boats and the nets, the fishing.
Just went with him.
And I’ve been with him ever since.”

Oh, there’s something
Something about that Name
Master, Savior
It’s like a fragrance
After a summer rain

Let all heaven, let the earth
Let us all proclaim
Kings and kingdoms
Well, they’ll all fade away
Yet there’s
Oh, there’s something about his Name.

“I’m a business man here in Jericho
Well really, I’m a tax collector
He came to my house for dinner one day
We talked for a while
And, well, I don’t know what happened to me
But I ended giving half of everything I own to poor people
And to those who I cheated,
I gave back four times the amount I took.
There’s just something about him.”

“I was at the well drawing water when I first met him.
Naturally, I offered him a drink.
But he wasn’t like the other men I know
He seemed to look right through me
He told me everything I’d ever done
I never met a man like this man.
He forgave me.”

And that’s how it was
People everywhere
Whether they were rich or poor
Young or old
Mighty, lowly
When they met this Jesus,
Things happened.
Their lives were changed.

“Me? I don’t know whether he’s good or bad.
I do know that once I was blind
But now I can see!”

Kings and their kingdoms
Well, they’ll all pass away
And when they’ve all passed into eternity
There’ll still be something
About that Name

The Name


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