For classic Jesus music songs from live concerts in the 1970s, take a listen to Jerry Bryant‘s Full Circle show, episode #124. It includes tracks from Andrae Crouch, Noel Paul Stookey, Danny Taylor, Randy Matthews, Barry Mcguire, Phil Keaggy, the 2nd Chapter Of Acts, Mickey & Becky Moore, Love Song, and Benny Hester.

Hallelujah/Jesus Is The Answer – Andrae Crouch [“Live” At Carnegie Hall, 1973]
Hymn – Noel Paul Stookey [One Night Stand, 1973]
Pamela – Danny Taylor [At Carnegie Hall…Live, 1973]
Sunny Day – Randy Matthews [Now Do You Understand? – 1975]
He’s Coming Back – Barry Mcguire [For The Bride, 1976]
Love Broke Thru – Phil Keaggy & 2nd Chapter Of Acts [How The West Was One, 1977]
I Fall In Love / Change – 2nd Chapter Of Acts [How The West Was One, 1977]
Guitar Song – Mickey & Becky Moore [Studio And Live, 1977]
A Love Song – Love Song [Feel The Love, 1977]
Jesus Came Into My Life – Benny Hester [Hosanna USA Live – Maranatha Groups, 1979]

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  1. I remember attending “Jesus Joy” at Madison Square Garden in the 70’s.

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